Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wala Performance

Bula everyone in other countries,
Today I watched  Wala  who did  a really amazing  performance. I am learning  how to pronounce the drums  the biggest drum and it was bigger then me.There was a lot of rattles and it looked fantastic .The bands name is Gong  Gong and I liked the last song  it was a disco song. They have  a very good  experience because they are shearing there couturier with other schools like hay Park School or another Schools.This is from Australasia there couturier is very very good because they have a fantastic band together. They have little kind of drums that look very white and brown and it looks beautiful drums.It is made for kids and also grown ups they are like teachers or your percents. There was like a rattle but if you want to use it you need to hold two fingers out and then put it on then you start to shake then the computer is on that is level one.Level two is shake the other 
 rattle and sake it with the other one .Level three is to get one of the rattle side to get out then the other stays.Level four is to get the other side to take out  then you continue.After that is Level five  you have to hit it up form your hand then it makes sound that goes shake shake shake.My favorite part is that when they drum very fast wand whit the rhythm.  

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