Friday, 24 November 2017

All about Dr Suess ( reading group )

Bula bloggers,
Today we have been researching  all about our reading groups we are in.  The welcoming and the ending went well for our group. I would like to change how my voice sounded like because it sounded not really good to me. I think we kind of worked together well because some of the group was fighting for some of the parts and then at the end It turned out OK.  when we were starting to create the poster we use the instructions on the normal board to help us do our pretension.   The instructions were to make sure hat everyone in the group has a part that they were happy with.  We had to include if they died or not. we had to include facts about the person that you are doing the poster on. We had to wright how we did if we worked together nicely or if didn't work nicely and why.

Thank you for reading my blog post 

                                                                  link to the video 


  1. You have great writing mandita keep it up

  2. Hi manditar I like what you wrote and what you did I like how it is long and nice and I like what you put in to make nice and good.

    1. Than you Simon but you don't have to do Manditar because you can just do my first name which is Mandita.

  3. Wow mandita I really like your work. Keep it up. Maybe you should Tell us more about what were the people in your groups name?

    Don't forget to say my name bye

  4. Hi Mandtia,

    I really liked how you used bula as a greeting. I liked when our group was really onto it but you were the only one who was particapting in this act. I really hope you had fun doing it. Was it kind of hard when you were doing it by yourself?. I really liked when you were not afraid of when you were talking.

  5. Hi Mandita

    I really like how you used a greeting to welcome people to your Dr seuss post.