Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The trip to the fantastic Marae

Bula bloggers,
Recently we went to Lynfield college to go to the Marae in there school. We sang some waiata that the school knew. What I have learnt in the school there is a  moari stick game and you can dance with the sticks and a long time ago they would use the sticks to fight. Also we learnt the basic poi actions and it was easy but then we played a game with the poi and it was really tricky because she (coach) was saying the poi actions to fast and I was out of the game the winner of it was Tearo. The whole school learnt an easy haka for the boys and I think it was easy for the boys because they might have done it before. Here is my recount that I made after we came back to school. Here is the work that I did.
Thank you, I hope you have a great day .


  1. Hello Bestie,
    I really like how you explain but make sure that you read before you publish or embed.
    Thanks <3

  2. I did read it but maybe I will read over it again.