Sunday, 20 January 2019

True or False

Hello bloggers,
Another day of Summer Learning Journey and today's activity was to list the true and false sentences and right true or false beside it.

1.  The oldest known fish in the world is a 65 year old Australian lungfish.


2. Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.


3. Starfish are a type of fish.


4.Fish communicate with each other by making low-pitched sounds (moans, hisses, etc)


5. Fish usually swim together in groups called ‘classes.

I hope you ave enjoyed reading .

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Do I think that FLAX weaving

Hello again my little Pupkits,

Another day of Summer Learning Journey today's task is" if I like FLAX weaving or not".

I love Flax weaving because when people do it I think that it is so satisfying and also I think it is a interesting subject.

I hope you have enjoyed reading tell me if you like FLAX weaving or not.

See you next time.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

What are my favourite activities ?

Hello blogging world,
Today is another Summer Learning Journey task and the task is what is my 1 favourite activity in summer.
Related image

Biking and playing on the same park.
The reason why I like biking and playing on the park is that I can get my exercise while I am having a great time and I get to experience a great view.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.
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Friday, 4 January 2019

My trip to Tundra

Dear blogging world,
My trip to Tundra was amazing because I saw a gigantic blue mountain I went on a little bit of a climb up the mountain It was fun and the view was amazing but I was really tired when I got up there. 

The view had the most fantastic mountains and clouds that I had ever seen or heard of my review of this mountain is a 5 out of 5.

I went to a beach that was like a beach in Fiji but the beach was even better because the sand was a pale white and the sand was really warm the sea was nice and hot so that I could swim in also the sea was really calm.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading.
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What do I think about logging

Hello again blogging world,
Today is going to be a Summer Learning Journey, today's activity is about what I think about logging.

Image result for logging

I think that logging is OK but only a some trees can be coped down because the trees gives us oxygen for us to breath.

Also if all of the bark comes off of the tree then that might hurt someones feet and they might need to do to the hospital.

Third thing is that if there is to much wood on the truck when the truck is driving then the whole truck could tip over causing a big accident.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog post.
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Thursday, 20 December 2018

What is my Favourite Food?

Hello again my little Pupkits,
It is another day of Summer Learning Journey and today's task is to choose 1 of your favourite foods and write about it in your blog post.

My favourite food is...

So my favourite food is butter chicken because that was the first Indian food that I ever ate and that was delicious so that was my favourite food since then.\

Image result for butter chicken

How to make butter chicken!

1. First you need coped up chicken.
2. next you have to get the souse that you are going to make the butter chicken with.
3. then you cook for approximately 20 min


I hope you have enjoyed reading.
See you later 

5 Questions that I would ask to Sir Edmund Hillary about his life

Hello my little Pupkits,
Another day of Summer learning journey and the task today is what 5 questions I would ask Sir Edmund Hillary.

1. How did it feel when you were climbing the biggest snow mountain in the world was it hard or was it easy?

2. Are you married?

3. Who was your BFFS ( best friends forever)?

4. What was the best part of your life so far?

5. Do you like your hair to be spiky or do you like your hair to be down?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my questions to Sir Edmund Hillary.

See you later