Monday, 2 July 2018

My BFF's

Kia Orana bloggers,

I would `like to share with you my best friends.

My Best friends  ( BFF)  names are Kanishka, Inangaro (short for Ina), Gargee , Lillias, Fehi and me( Mandita).  This photo is from 2016 when we were  year 4's in Setoga class ( room 9 ).

My BFF'S mean a lot to me because they always make me laugh and MOSTLY Ina because she has laughing issues. Kanishka has a very LOUD voice and she always makes me laugh so so hard.

Lillias is very kind because she gets my pencil case when ever I want it. She talks in a funny way so that I wouldn't be bored of hearing the same voice every day.
(Ina and Fehi together, can't find a photo of Fehi and I) Fehi laughs a lot kind of like Ina because when it is a very funny joke then she laughs a lot and she can't stop laughing sometimes.

Do you have any BFFS ? 

Thank you for reading. 

Blog you later.

By Mandita


  1. How lucky you are to have a group of such amazing friends, Mandita. You have worked hard on this blog post and I'm really looking forward to finding out more.

  2. I have bffs which is the daba doshy goup

    1. Lillias Thank you for saying that because now I can add it to my post if I wanted to.

      By Your BFF Mandita