Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Our phenomenal assembly

Hi blogging world,
I had a assembly and I was one of the welcomes and everybody clapped and then I went back  to my spot.Grace and Nathaniel astonishing paris to do her Karate and then everybody been quite.And we did the colcher and my group did soccer huddling. We did a song that was called Jason 5 and Gargee and Fehi it was there first time and we were dancing and some of them are not.We did the National anthem and everybody sang.And pairs did the block and the kata in the kata it was a little bit scary but i still sit up.And in pairs's group they learned how to do the karate kick and they did it the same time it looked nice. Freeze frames  are when you and your group tack together.The kaniska said'mrs Campbell then she gave out the principals award.Then it was the end of the essembly.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

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