Monday, 25 July 2016

About my holiday

Bula blogging world,

In Sunday I went to extreme game and  I played the Poiret spin well.And I got 125 tickets.Then after that I went to MC Donils   and I ate a chicken berga.I went to the snow molten and learned how to ske and it was hard but I tryed .And I watched TV And I watched The powerpuf girls.I went to komon and that teches us mats reading and English but I am only maths I am up to the c level  I go in Mondays and Thursdays for Monday I have two booklets and on Thursday's I have three booklets. 

Where was I learning?
Where did I ske?
Where did I go?
How many tickets did I get when I spin the well?
What show did I watched in TV?

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