Monday, 2 July 2018

Aboriginal inspired Art

Good Morning/ Good afternoon bloggers,

Today I am going to be sharing my aboriginal art evaluation. Our culture was Australia and  we did aboriginal inspired art and it was very fun.

Our culture day assembly which we had last Thursday , we presented what we were doing in class  ( we were doing this in front of the  whole school)  and what was our culture. So I wanted to share the evaluation with you. In cultural day we had all of the amazing cloths from all around the world.

Here is my evaluation.

Please give me a comment and also can you please give me some feed back so that I can get better at my writing.

I hope you have a good day.

Blog you later.


  1. Amazing artwork, Mandita. I hope you are proud of all your hard work. What could you do to tell the story of Rainbow Serpent digitally?

  2. I could create An animation to explain the rainbow -serpent story. I do enjoy my work.

    Thank you Miss Berry for the comment.

    By Mandita