Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's In The News This Week

Bula My PupKits,

Today our reading task was to find some news from this week. Since today is Tuesday we can also get an article between last Tuesday (23rd) and this Tuesday (30th). But I chose one of the latest posts.

Interesting fact: The plane was called Lion Air it was from Indonesia. Also the Lion Air could aboard up to 737 passengers maximum but only 188 people aboard.

The news was : A little sad since people died but I don't know any of those people.

New word I discovered:  The new word was SCOURING! It means to remove grease or dirt by polishing or by rubbing hard.

Worth Reading:  The article was a bit interesting because it makes me wonder what will I feel/do if I was is in a plane crash. I could imagine already that it will be scary and I would be sitting there like a fool.

If you want more information or a closer look click HERE to the page of where the article is!

That's All For Today Pupkits, Hoped you have ENJOYED & Blog you later.

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  1. Bula there, My name is Rhia and I am a student in Room 6 at Haypark school. I like how you told us, when you can only read and post something that was between Tuesday the 23rd and that Tuesday the 30th, because it really helps what day you did it on. Have you thought about adding the title because maybe some people wouldn't know what the title is called and so on. Thank you very much for this article:) If you woud like to see my blog it is here:, Thank you

    Kind Regards Rhia
    See ya later