Tuesday, 9 August 2016

3D Design

Bula blogging wold,
I have made this 3D model using TinkaCad. TinkaCad is when you make 3D models. I made this medal and it is for our HPS Olympic. HPS means Hay Park School and it is 2016 because that is whey I did that.  I used a cylinder and I used the tipping tool and it helped me write HPS 2016. And for the rings I used the rings. 


  1. Hi Mandita.

    TinkerCad sounds like an amazing programme. I really like how you used technical vocabulary like 'cylinder' to explain what shape you used. Why did you do this on TinkerCad and not in google drawing?

    From Miss Fortes

    1. Thank you for the feed back Miss Fortes

  2. Hola Mandita,
    Great job Mandita. I also did TinkerCad and I used a cylinder to make the outside to, same with the rings! Did you have fun making your medal? Next time if you blog about 'TinkerCad', write it as TinkerCad, not TinkaCad. It might make people get mixed up with the names.
    Kind Regards