Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Yo Yo show

The yo yo show is about...don't give up and encourage other people and do your best at anything .There was a girl and she had  a friend called NED.And she had a funny story before she came to Hay Park School.She went to the car and drove to NED'S house and she said come on Ned lets go to Hay Park School he said Na.He  was going to wake the dog and then suddenly there was green alien and he was not scared and then he ran to he festive bill and he hid under the Ferris well and then he saw someone behind him it was the alien behind him and then he quickly ran out of the Ferris  well and went on his favorite ride that was the roller coaster  and he hid there then he saw at the back of the roller coaster there was a alien behind him .Then  he went to the air pot and flow all the way to a Paris and he saw a Eiffel tower and then he took the elevator and saw a retron and he started to eat some food and when he came out from eating  food and then he went to the polices station.

That is  the end of my story I hop you enjoyed

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