Monday, 28 November 2016

News Paper report

News Paper Report
Hi I am Mandita I am at Hay Park School.And I am in setoga class .And I am a year four students .and in reading I am learing in reading and aI was doing a news paper reportv and  a news paper report is you have to fread any text that your teacher gives you and you have to anser some qestons about your story .And if you dio not know what is the anser here is a quick tip you go and find that infomaton and then you can read the whole story or you can read the difrut parts .I hope you enjoyed my learing .Can youpl4ase give me feed back and then when I see it and then I will change it wirte it and then I will update it . and then you can see it when you come onto my blog that it changed a little bit .Have a good day .Here is a poto of what qestons I Hhad to anser.Bye.

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