Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Room 6's class assembly

This is my first draft writing on our class assembly that we had on Friday 17th March. Our learning intention was to use adjectives and verbs in our writing. Please take a read of my writing and let me know how I can improve my writing.

Last Friday was our classes Assembly ! I was hiding in the printing room because I was going to dance and I feel nerves when I went on the stage because there was heaps of people all around this school and also it was funny and hilarious . When Shreya and Ina called me up the stage of my metaphor poem  and their were 6 people from my class that was doing the metaphor poem .

When I did my metaphor poem I was a little bit shy .I also saw people smiling and also I saw people laughing at my dance moves. T and Fehi also Dorina performed the Maori stick game and they were fantastic  of performing the Maori stick game  .For those that don't know the Maori stick game is that there is theree people how throw sticks to each other .I feel like heaps of eyes  were looking at me like a 100 eyes looking at me .Also when we did the dance that was really funny and our class was funky like little monkeys that goes all around the stage.

There was something that Shreya and Ina amounts and it was the warehouse stationery thing .What we did is that we got some postcards and we wort on the postcard and also there was a big sheet that you can wort on .Our assembly was a funny because Shreya and Ina said can Mrs cures Campbell can you please present the principal awards.  

I hope you enjoyed my writing and I  hope you have a good day !!!  

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