Friday, 9 June 2017


Skateboarding  on Thursday

bula everyone,
This week on  Thursday  my class and I were going to skateboarding in the morning after we did the roll. The skateboarding teacher said to '' put on your gar on first because it is for your safety''. Then my class and I were putting our gar n then we Lind up against the blue wall because then our skateboarding teacher can cheek all of our helmets. Then the skateboarding teacher said to get a skateboard and hug the skateboard. Then the skateboarding teacher said to '' put it on the ground and then put your legs next to the skateboard and he said to listen.Then one of his instructions  were that to start to put two legs on the skateboard and then when you have practice  to each then I will put some cones done and you can go around . And then I was going to go around then some of the boys were blocking my way good thing I new how to stop so then I was safe. When I told them '' can you please not do that again'', then he said that I won't do that again.

The End 
I hope you enjoyed bye 

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