Wednesday, 25 July 2018

My bad habbits

Bula blogging world,

Today I am going to be talking about my bad habit. If you don’t know what a bad habit is it is something that you get addicted to and can’t stop doing it. Everyone has a bad habit and there are ta lot of bad habits.
Some of them are: biting your nails, gaming, sleeping in for the whole day.
My bad habit is to watch TV for the whole day.

                                                           Why is tv bad habit to have?
If someone tells you to stop doing your bad habit but you can’t stop doing it, you just start doing it without thinking or concentrating on your actions.

Firstly watching TV isn’t good for you because you might become a lazy sloth. It might make you less active and you will have less energy. You will start to get sleepy, relaxed and comfortable. You might get a little bit dizzy and woozy, you also might get a headache because you are thinking to much, and one more thing… your will have bad eyesight (like gaming) and you have to wear glasses (and you don’t want that) , They might be becoming strained. After a while you might not be able to see from far away because of the concentration and that flash’s of the TV.

If you watch way too much TV someday you might start to wiggle and you can stop yourself. If you have a headache from watching too much TV you might get hot forehead.

Can you take this bad habit away? If you have got your bad habit to go away maybe you can give me some tips and tricks for getting my bad habit away.

Blog you later

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