Friday, 10 August 2018


Bula bloggers,
Today, Thursday 9th August at 9:00am Parekowhai Class  hosted an assembly in Hay Park School hall. If you don’t know what an assembly is it is when people in your class share what they are doing in class. The whole school came to the hall and watched us perform.  Our theme for our assembly was blogging because we wanted to show the whole school what we had been doing on our blogs. It was a fabulous assembly, we were trying to encourage other people in our school to get on our blogs and leave comments, also I wanted to collaborate with others too.

The hosts’ their names are Sariah, Ina, Fehi and Kanishka. Sariah was the first speaker and she said a greeting which was kia ora, after that Fehi said “please stand up for the national anthem, then we sung the national anthem.

Next Simon and I (Mandita)  persented one thing that we did in the holidays for the blog it challenge. If you don’t know what a blog it challenge is it is when you blog about something that you did in the school holidays . After me and Simon spoke it was Rhia and Gloria’s turn to share their bad habit posts. Next Mose told a story how the turtle ate a piece of plasic and died.

After that we sung the wake up song and also we danced to it. That song was very cool because some of the students knew the song so that made it more fun for me.  After that Fehi said “can Ms Campbell please hand out the certificates.”

Not everything went to plan because Zion wasn’t here. He was a speaker we had to change his part at the last moment.  Faisal put his paper up but the writing was facing the wrong way and that was very funny. The iPad that my teacher was recording with fell down and it  made a sound witch was BANG!! It ended up to be a times lap. I was prod of how this assembly turned out.

Ms Campbell was brilliant because she kept on referring to our assembly throughout the day. The audience like our assembly because of the wake up song. That song had that stretch part in it which made the audience laugh.

Thank you for reading.

Blog you later.

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