Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How much tens are in a number

Bula blogging world,
Today I have been learning how to find whole numbers. Do you want to learn how I did it?  If you did then lets get to it.

 For example : You have 352 and you have to find all of the tens in the number. The first thing you do is make 352 with blocks or anything. Then you look at all of the tens that you have in 1 hundred, the answer should have been 10. So now try to calculate how much tens are in the number 352. You should have gotten 35 because I know you will think it is only five but 1 hundred is made out of tens so you get the hundreds and the normal tens and put them together and you got 35 right.

Anyways thank you for reading.

Have you learnt anything new today? Let me know!!!

Blog you later

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