Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Author Presentation About Roald Dhal

Hello my little Pupkits,
Yesterday our task was to find information about our author ( Roald Dhal).  My teacher, Miss Berry chose our groups and the class nominated some authors that they wanted to find information about.  The people in my group are: Sariah, Mansour, Patrick, Rouge and me ( Mandita). The reason why we were doing this is so that we can practice our presentation skills.

In my opinion, I thought it went ok; Our average score was 19/25 because people in my class were saying that some of the people in my group were talking to quietly and they couldn't hear. To improve, next time I will make sure I have more information and also I will make sure that my group is confident and they can say there lines by hart. Another thing that I will improve is to make the poster a little bit more colourful.

Here is the video

Have you ever made a author presentation before? Let me know in the comment down bellow.
Checked By: Rhia
See you later, Blog you later.

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