Monday, 5 November 2018

150 word challenge

Bula blogging world,
Today my teacher challenged us to write 150 words.

In this photo we were doing a exercise called the plank, the plank helps your legs and arms get exercised. We had to hold the plank for a 1 min and the pain was the WORST, because my legs were wobbling and also my arm were wobbling to.

How to do the plank?
Well to do a plank you have to go down to your knees and hold front sport ( Go on your hands and your legs go out and you but has to stay down) and then you go on your elbows and yeah that's you do it.

The whole class were included all of the class were very tired at the end of it because the muscles were stretching and that HURT ALOT.

It was hard for some of the people from my class because it was there first time doing it for there first time. When my teacher told everyone that we were going to do a plank hold.

Checked by Rhia
So that's it for today.

Have you ever typed 150 or more words? Let me know!

Blog you later

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