Friday, 30 November 2018

Waikowhai orientation

Hello my little Pupkits,
Today I went to Waikowhai intermediate to go and meet my teacher for next year (2019).

When I reached Waikowhai intermediate we went and sat down in the crowded hall with tones of kids and parents. When the teachers called out your name then you had to stand up until all of the students names get called out.

My class is room 9 (R9) and the teacher is Miss Baker. When my name was called out then I was hoping that Kanishka and Ina's names to be called out.. And then there names were called out and we were in the same class YAY!  Our names were called out and then my mom said that, "I feel sorry for the teacher because the 3 trouble monkeys are together!"

I hope you have enjoyed reading my trip to Waikowhai intermediate.

See you later!

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