Thursday, 25 October 2018

Kiwi Sport

Bula blogging world,
Yesterday some people from the senior classes from Hay Park School went to kiwi sport at Hillsborough school. We got to Hillsborough school by walking and when we were on our way back our feet were paining so BADLY that we had trouble walking.

The activities over there had a lot of team work involved like one of the activity was a water relay we had one little plastic cup and a big bucket of water. We had to fill the other bucket at the other side we had to do crazy things before we pored the water into the bucket.

Another activity was T-ball if you don't know what the rules to T-ball, the rules are that there were no strikes you had to touch one base at a time the fielders could tag you by putting there foot on the base and getting a ball taping them on the shoulders.   

The next activity was "Rob the Nest".There were six groups and we got a letter and the letters were A B C D E. They called out a letter then that letter would run into the middle and pick up a toy animal. Then run back to your nest. If the toy animals were all gone then they would say "rob the nest". So you would go to someones nest, get the toy animal and run back to your nest. But other people would get your toy animal and go back to their nest.

After that we went to play scatter ball if you don't know how to play scatter ball the rules are you have to throw three balls and the fielding team will try to get the balls back as quickly as they can and the person that threw three balls had to run to the hoops as fast as they can, the persons team mates count how much runs that they made.

Next we did non stop cricket when you play non stop cricket you can't stop. You have to run at the back of the line and you have to pass the bat all the way to the front of the line and the next person and try to hit the ball with the bat and try not let the other team get the wikis.

Last thing that we did was tug of war our team won 1 round but we didn't get a rest so then we lost the second round.

Hope you enjoyed reading my trip to kiwi sport.

Have you ever went to kiwi sport?

Blog you later

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